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What is 3D Epoxy Flooring Solution?

In 3D epoxy flooring solution is a type of floor that creates a three-dimensional visual effect. It is a unique and contemporary flooring option that has gained popularity recently for its aesthetic appeal and durability. This type of floor involves using a special resin that can be applied to floors to create stunning visual effects, such as the illusion of depth, patterns, or images that appear to be three-dimensional. Installing 3D epoxy flooring typically involves several steps, including preparing the existing floor surface, applying a base coat of epoxy resin, placing a specialized 3D image layer or design on top, and then sealing the surface with a transparent, high-gloss epoxy topcoat. This creates the illusion of depth and dimension, making the floor appear to have a raised, textured, or multi-layered surface.

3D Epoxy Floor in Bangladesh

Perfect Solution is a stop-solution supplier for 3D products, stickers, epoxy, and also put base coat plus top coat resources plus related apparatuses, machines, training, and application services in Bangladesh. Perfect Solution, a leading company in Bangladesh, has been at the forefront of this design revolution with its remarkable Floor explanation. Perfect Solution has transformed countless homes and businesses by offering a wide range of customizable, durable, and visually stunning 3D resin options. In this article, we will explore the magic of  3D  flooring and how it is changing the landscape of interior design in Bangladesh.

Durability and Maintenance

Perfect Solution’s 3D epoxy flooring is not only aesthetically pleasing but also remarkably durable. This floor solution can withstand heavy foot traffic and is highly resistant to wear and tear. This makes it ideal for spaces with high usage, such as commercial establishments, offices, and even homes. Additionally, 3D flooring is known for its easy maintenance. It is a seamless and non-porous surface, which means dirt, stains, and spills can be cleaned effortlessly. Regular cleaning requires little more than a mop and mild cleaning agents. This ease of maintenance is a significant advantage, particularly for commercial spaces where cleanliness and hygiene are paramount.

Applications of 3D Epoxy Floor Desing

Perfect Solution’s 3D epoxy flooring is incredibly versatile and can be applied to a wide range of settings. Here are some of the areas where this innovative flooring solution shines:

Residential Spaces: Perfect Solution’s 3D epoxy flooring can add a touch of luxury and individuality to homes. Whether it’s the living room, bedroom, or bathroom, homeowners can infuse their style into their space.

Commercial Spaces: Retail stores, restaurants, and offices can create memorable environments that leave a lasting impression on customers and clients.

Entertainment Areas: Entertainment venues, such as cinemas, gaming arcades, and bowling alleys, can benefit from the immersive 3D designs that Perfect Solution offers.

Healthcare Facilities: Hospitals and clinics can use 3D epoxy flooring to create calming and soothing environments for patients and staff.

How Much does 3D Epoxy Flooring cost?

The 3D epoxy flooring’s worth depends on factors like substrate condition, total sq. footage, system quality, etc. The sturdiness and lifetime are 2 major factors in working out 3D epoxy flooring’s worth. High-grade epoxy floor materials would be costlier. On average, 3D epoxy flooring installation prices 400 taka to 500 taka per square foot. A sophisticated style would force a lot of work and a better value of installation. The smaller the world of the ground, the costlier the value is Perfect Solution provides the best service for 3D epoxy flooring in Bangladesh as the best applicator as well as a contractor with affordable prices. We also provide the best service for Epoxy Flooring in Bangladesh, etc.


PU Flooring in Bangladesh is a solo suite product that proposes a variety of surface profiles plus performance specifications. Perfect Solution provides the best services for Epoxy Flooring, Floor Hardener, Polished concrete, Vinyl flooring, and Waterproofing in Bangladesh. In the Industrial and Commercial Flooring Systems concept, the abbreviation of PU Flooring in Bangladesh is Polyurethane Flooring. Due to the formulation of this flooring supplies in the process of Polymer reaction of a portion of the Polymer Chemistry.

Highly Recommended Industries

Hospital and Pharmaceutical




Hospital and Pharmaceutical


Drinks and Bevarages



  • 01

    The seamless coatings create a nonporous barrier that eliminates and hinders bacteria growth.

  • 04

    Strong bonding characteristics | Aesthetic appeal | Quick drying

  • 06

    Ideal for facilities that use chemical products, alkalis and intense heating & cleaning processes.

  • 09

    Withstand heavy impact or high traffic areas without scratching.

  • 05

    Low cost and ease of maintenance.

  • 08

    Ideal for meat and poultry plants, offer time-efficient installation. The floor cures completely, and is ready for use, in six hours.

  • 03

    Resinous coatings increase aesthetics and value, mitigate operational hazards.

  • 07

    Heat resistant, chemical resistant.

  • 09

    Offers superior longevity, durability, and ease of cleaning. Prevents moisture seepage & pollution, resist thermal shock, and are odorless.

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