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Epoxy Car Park Flooring in Bangladesh

  Considering everything, Perfect Solution is offering an Epoxy Car Parking flooring Solution in Bangladesh that Keeps your floor or basement safe by keeping your concrete as well as tolerating extra load. It can be cleaned easily and does not accumulate water. Above all, you get full protection of your concrete.

Is Flooring Good For Car Parking?

Long-term longevity of the slab. Our epoxy floor coating can transform the concrete slab into a seamless surface. Thus, water doesn’t suck into the concrete’s pores and cause major damage over the long term. Turn a dark and gloomy car park into a fresh space.

How to install an epoxy flake garage floor? 

If you’re tired of looking at your worn-out aesthetically pleasing epoxy flake garage floor we’re here to help. We install some of the most beautiful and durable garage epoxy parking flooring systems available in the industry. As owners/operators and flooring professionals, we ensure that every epoxy flooring system installation is completed with only the highest level of detail and cleanliness of your parking slot. During the preparation process, we utilize our dust-free grinding systems which keep the work environment safe and clean. As we begin all of our epoxy flooring system installations, we apply a prime coat to the concrete which ensures proper bonding and eliminates delamination issues in the future. After the prime coat, we install 100% solids epoxies which means that all of the epoxy that is applied will remain on the floor, and not evaporate, as it cures. This means you get what you pay for.

Epoxy Car Park Flooring Solution

We square measure moving forward to keep up with this world towards trendy globalization. Progressively, our luxury is growing. Luxury is an associate degree and a part of our lifestyle needs. Falcon Solution Ltd provides the best service for vinyl flooring in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh as the best applier in addition to a contractor with reasonable worth. We are providing the best service for Epoxy Flooring in Bangladesh, Self-leveling epoxy flooring, PU flooring in Bangladesh, Waterproofing in Bangladesh, Vinyl flooring, and Polished concrete, etc. Constantly building buildings, vehicles, and more, keeping pace with this want. As a result, parking areas in each house, apartment, market, business place, mill, or trade became required. Generally, concrete is broken because of the carriage or movement of parking within the car park or garage. Because of the additional pressure or wheel load of the automotive, Oil, Mobil, Grease, etc., square measure the causes of good broken concrete. Moreover, it cannot be simply clean.

       Benefits of Epoxy Car Park Flooring?

1. Durability & Longevity: Long-term longevity of the slab. Our epoxy floor coating can transform the concrete slab into a seamless surface. Thus, water doesn’t suck into the concrete’s pores and cause significant damage over the long term.
2. Visually Appealing: Turn a dark and gloomy car park into a fresh space. If you run an accommodation business, it’ll make your guests feel like they have arrived at the Hilton.
3. Easy to Clean: Run a polyvac with a scrubbing pad for a super easy clean and maintenance. Oil from cars and tire marks won’t stain the concrete.
4. Wide Variety of Colours & Pattern Variations: Our color and pattern variations of epoxy coating assist in guaranteeing our clients that they will find something that matches their premise’s color scheme/ design plan. 

The perfect solution is also providing PU and Epoxy flooring, Waterproofing, and floor hardener also

Epoxy Car Park Flooring

Highly Recommended Industries


Industrial Parking


Commercial Parking

Hospital and Pharmaceutical

Residential Parking


  • The seamless coatings create a nonporous barrier that eliminates and hinders bacteria growth.

  • Strong bonding characteristics | Aesthetic appeal | Quick drying

  • Ideal for facilities that use chemical products, alkalis and intense heating & cleaning processes.

  • Withstand heavy impact or high traffic areas without scratching.

  • Low cost and ease of maintenance.

  • Ideal for meat and poultry plants, offer time-efficient installation. The floor cures completely, and is ready for use, in six hours.

  • Resinous coatings increase aesthetics and value, mitigate operational hazards.

  • Heat resistant, chemical resistant.

  • Offers superior longevity, durability, and ease of cleaning. Prevents moisture seepage & pollution, resist thermal shock, and are odorless.

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