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Polished Concrete Solution

Polished concrete offers affordable, low maintenance, durable, and aesthetically appealing flooring option for those looking to dress up a concrete floor. A polished concrete floor requires no cure time and can be opened to normal use immediately after the polishing process is completed. This means there is very little downtime compared to other flooring options. Polished concrete is also very cost-effective due to its minimal material costs and extremely low maintenance costs.

The concrete polishing process requires grinding a concrete surface in several steps, utilizing progressively finer diamond grinding tools. A lithium silicate densifier and a lithium silicate glossing agent are applied to achieve higher surface strength and maximum desired gloss during the polishing process. Our concrete polishing services are performed utilizing some of the most advanced grinding equipment, tooling, and materials available. Our certified training, along with our 5years of combined experience, ensures you’ll receive a finished product that meets or exceeds your expectations.

polished concrete

Apply Polished Concrete in several Surfaces

New Concrete Surfaces: All the need aggregates materials are often as well as once concrete combination and casting. Once we grinding and sprucing the concrete enclosed materials can show and making a nice-looking surface. So, everything that concerning your need end have to be compelled to want to embody ornamental glass, metal or rock in concrete combine.
Existing Concrete Surfaces: If your concrete floor already exists, there are innumerable ways in which to create it distinctive, shiny and glossy yet as colorful. We have a tendency to add color to the surface with dyes or stains. Concrete can absorb the color by small pore and capillaries, permanent color achieves existing concrete and obtain a special look. This could be achieved by multiple color mixtures.
Existing Weak / Rough Concrete: We’re applying building material overlay on prime of weak or rough concrete floor surface. These overlays are cement primarily based, self-leveling giving concrete an identical and even look. We have a tendency to might add color full glass or stone for an ornamental trendy end. Building material overlay could be a smart resolution for concrete that needs an excessive amount of repair, has cracks or maybe wants a leveling swish floor end.

Highly Recommended Industries

Drinks and Bevarages

Cold Rooms and Warehouses


Electronic and Chemical

Food Production

Hospital and Pharmaceutical

Workshops and Car Parks



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