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What is Self-Leveling Epoxy?

Self-leveling epoxy could be a sort of epoxy floor coating that may be applied over concrete floors to form a sturdy, low maintenance flooring surface. Specifically, self-leveling epoxy flooring will be applied over previous cracked and broken concrete floors to form a sleek, seamless surface. This can be a result of throughout application the epoxy spreads dead set fill cracks or chips in concrete floors. Self-leveling epoxy flooring will be utilized in a variety of applications as well as business, industrial, and residential applications. We tend to suggest our self-leveling epoxy flooring for a large form of industries and buildings. If you’re searching for a flooring answer that may flip your previous, dingy concrete floors into a pretty and lasting surface, our self-leveling epoxy flooring application services from Advanced Environmental Services square measure the selection for you.

These floors have major operational blessings for industries. the sleek and seamless surface makes them ideal for the movement of self-propelled vehicle trucks and alternative vehicles that square measure shifting significant masses on a never-ending basis. Also, the seamless structure makes the floors easier for cleansing and doesn’t permit the buildup of dirt and bacterium.
Self-leveling epoxy floors conjointly give a really aesthetic charm since the shiny seamless look makes the house look larger and much a lot of enticing. This why architects love them and sometimes specify them for business and retail areas.

Epoxy Flooring Solution in Bangladesh

Highly Recommended Industries

Drinks and Bevarages

Cold Rooms and Warehouses


Electronic and Chemical

Food Production

Hospital and Pharmaceutical

Workshops and Car Parks




  • The seamless coatings create a nonporous barrier that eliminates and hinders bacteria growth.

  • Strong bonding characteristics | Aesthetic appeal | Quick drying

  • Ideal for facilities that use chemical products, alkalis and intense heating & cleaning processes.

  • Withstand heavy impact or high traffic areas without scratching.

  • Low cost and ease of maintenance.

  • Ideal for meat and poultry plants, offer time-efficient installation. The floor cures completely, and is ready for use, in six hours.

  • Resinous coatings increase aesthetics and value, mitigate operational hazards.

  • Heat resistant, chemical resistant.

  • Offers superior longevity, durability, and ease of cleaning. Prevents moisture seepage & pollution, resist thermal shock, and are odorless.

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